Robert T. Norton

I have a deep appreciation for photography and in particular for all that this art has given to me over the past 35 years. Photography at its most basic level is a meditative experience for me: a place where I can be in the moment and where all of my focus is on getting the shot. It is also a place of incredible freedom where I can experiment and push my creativity in new directions. Photography provides me with both the comfort of the familiar and the fluid excitement of exploration and reinvention.

Let me share with you now a bit about my journey and how the puzzle pieces fell into place to bring me to Eyes On. My passion for photography began about 35 years ago with film, but it really leveled-up once I went digital 15 years back. I found a whole new world opening up to me once I was freed from the limitations inherent in film, and was given hands-on creative control over the post-production. It was my photographic rebirth!

My passion for travel began about 5 years after the photographic one and they have been inseparable ever since. With thirty-three countries visited to date I guess you could say that I have been bitten by the travel bug! Photography and travel are the perfect pairing in my opinion. Long after the trip has ended there are iconic photographs that help to keep the travel memories alive. People and places fascinate me, particularly when they are uniquely different from what is typical of large urban centres in North America.

Photography tempts me with the challenge to capture expressions of time. My preferred environments to do this are in nature, on the street, in the air, at the racetrack, and pretty much wherever I find myself camera in hand. My focus is to record the little nuances and subtleties of life in a way that creates an evocative and emotive image. Their appeal for me is they are opportunities that exist for only the briefest instant and then are quickly gone forever…unless, they are captured with the press of a shutter.

Honestly, I did have thoughts about pursuing a career in photography, yet for a variety of reasons I chose to keep my photographic endeavours as a purely artistic pursuit as opposed to shifting them into a purely commercial one. However, there is a degree of crossover into the commercial realm since in my work as a real estate appraiser I am regularly using photography as a powerful communications tool.

Photographs can bring concepts to life and facilitate their understanding in a way that written words never can.  In every appraisal report I am mindful of maximizing the visual impact of my photographs as a way to convey important information about the property that I am appraising. A very powerful synergy exists when photographs and words are combined in a purposeful way. In fact, many clients have recognized this synergy and have expressed their appreciation of it.

Over the years, as the mood strikes me, I have submitted images for publication and for competition.  My dabbling’s have resulted in numerous awards, exhibitions, and publishing credits including:

International Publications: Qui Napoli, Veterans For Peace, and Envision Magazine
Canadian Publications:  Accenti, and Photolife
Blue Mountain Foundation for the Arts – Juried Photography Exhibition
Accenti Magazine – 1st Prize Award in Juried Photography Competition
Blue Metropolis International Literary & Arts Festival – Juried Photography Exihibition


The proverbial last piece of the puzzle fell into place for me over the past few years when I discovered how rewarding it was to engage with people as a continuing professional development instructor with several real estate boards. I provided instruction to audiences of realtors in appraisal theory and its application as a means to provide a value-added service to their clients.

Having such rewarding experiences as an instructor caused me to reflect on how I could do more of this activity. The answer was clear: combine my existing passions for photography and travel with my newly discovered passion to share my knowledge and experiences with others. The result: Eyes On Photo Tours and Workshops.

It is my sincere hope to one day welcome you to the Eyes On family and let our team host you on an epic and exotic photographic adventure. I would welcome the opportunity to facilitate your taking your photographic journey in exciting new directions. In the meantime please enjoy the information and photographs on our web-site and join our community to get special offers and the latest Eyes On news delivered right to your inbox.